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  Welcome to the Lessman Farm, home of Truckhenge and
the 30-acre Lessman Catfish Pond.



Take a tour of the Farm!

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     There is a LOT to see and do at the Lessman Farm, and plenty of history to go with it.  Our family has owned these lands for almost 130 years, and each generation has made its mark on the property. 

     Ron's Quonset House is the main residence. This airplane-hanger-looking house is HUGE, a great view of the entire property, intricately-designed hardwood floors, an elevator, and unique artwork throughout the entire building. Plus, when we set up the speakers and open one of the ends, it turns the whole house into a giant bass tube!

   Truckhenge is one the Farm's most popular attractions.  Ron collected these old trucks for years, and when a petty Shawnee County official ordered Ron to "pick up" the trucks, Ron's response was to PICK THEM UP!


  Lessman's Catfish Pond is the best-stocked pond in Kansas!  If you like to fish call us at 785-234-3486.






The Lessman Farm

is private property


Please call 785-234-3486

before you visit and

 ask for Linda or Ron.



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